Interior Design


We see the design process as a team effort between Etege Design and our clients. We work as a partnership from initial concept through to the working drawings and documents that direct construction.

The process of working with Etege Design tends to follow a prescribed path. However, each design and execution are individualized so that the exact process may vary between projects.

Our meetings usually run over four appointments. Transparency is key for Etege Design.


While it can vary from client-to-client and project-to-project the basic workflow is the same. I’ve broken it down to the four key steps involved in bringing your project to life.

Meeting One – First Consultation and Measurements

First thing is first, we would like to get to know you, to understand your vision so we can bring your vison to life with our best experts. Our first consultation usually takes place at our office. Once we are on the same page with our direction and interests, we will do a site visit for measurements and additional ideas you may have. We will also discuss your budget and time frame considerations. Once we have those details, we will get busy creating designs for you to choose from.

Meeting Two – Design Layout Decisions

Between our first meeting and second, we will be busy creating design options for you. Our design layout options will be presented at the second meeting to choose from or combine elements of each. Once the design has been finalized, it will be drawn up (using Revit) which will include 3D renderings.

Meeting Three – Selections

Our third meeting includes the selection and specification of all fittings, fixtures and finishes as required. Here you’ll be choosing all the materials that make your project one-of-a-kind.

Meeting Four – Project Ready Details

You will now be presented with the final set of drawings, a 3Dview and the corresponding selections list. We will discuss the final list inclusive of costings and labor prices (if applicable). When we have finalized all design queries and prices, the project is ready to proceed.

The project can be executed by you or with the Etege Design Construction team (see below).


If you are proceeding with Etege Design, here is where we discuss final paperwork, start dates and expected time frames for the completed project. We will work closely with the builder, tradespeople and suppliers involved throughout the duration of the job, as per our design management service. We will also keep track of the budget throughout the project. Etege Design works only with qualified and reputable tradespeople curated across 10+ years in the industry.

If you are using your own builder, we will give you 3D renderings, drawings and the selections list which you can pass on to your nominated building company.


Before we get started an initial consultation is required to scope out the space and collect your ideas. This consultation can be booked in advance with our expert designers.