With the design/build service, you select us to work with you from beginning to end—designing your project so that it can be built within your budget, building it, and standing behind it with warranty services after it is complete.

This will result in budget and cost control, cost savings, ease, simplicity, and improved communications.

And with a single point of responsibility, you’ll never find yourself in the uncomfortable position of being caught between your architect and builder should something go wrong.

We at Etege Design are your project execution partner – providing a nimble team of construction management professionals that make your project their passion.  We build our strategy around your business objectives and provide you with key information, at the right time, to make informed decisions.

Our industrial-based construction managers, procurement professionals, and industrial safety experts understand the requirements of highly regulated industries.  In addition, we utilize the engineering and integration expertise of our industry partners, to assure a holistic and integrated project delivery.