About us

At etege design we understand how important it is to invest time in getting to know you and your business so we can deliver a truly innovative design and build solution for your workplace.

We are dedicated to designing buildings that create good function and inspiring beauty while demonstrating fiscal accountability and cultural identity.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service to clients that desire beautiful and durable buildings which can be built within the constraints of their construction budgets. Our team will accompany you right through the project timeline, ensuring your vision is delivered to meet your expectations on time and on budget.

We are committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients, creating robust, flexible solutions which will address the changing needs of your business’s future. some of the works we have done proposal work for cultural center.

Who we are

Established in September 2015, etege design is a start-up company with dedicated and creative professionals. It is established to render professional services in the area of interior, architectural and engineering works.


“our business is reintroducing culture through modern and innovative designs down to the smallest detail!


Our mission is to promote the concept of “made in Ethiopia" by infusing Ethiopian culture to creative, modern affordable designs.

Throughout this process we aim to provide professional service to its client’s satisfaction, by providing service excellence, honoring deadlines, and personalized design according to client’s requirements.

Etege design creates success by the company we keep. Our name signifies our belief in working hard, the value we give for context (culture), and the difference we want to create. Our company specializes in providing different kind of services delivered by a team of diverse and creative expertise. It retains a complete team of knowledgeable architects, interior designer, engineers, project managers, advanced graphic designers, and skilled marketers also other members as well. With which we deliver the ideal solutions to our clients, first and foremost!

Why hire a Designer?

Just because you know how to brush your teeth does not mean you do not need to see a dentist. That same idea applies to the many reasons for hiring an a designer.

A designer looks at your wish list objectively to provide answers that satisfy form, function and budget. You are then able to avoid the downfall and problems encountered by those who take the DIY route.

You cannot afford not to hire a professional who can maximize your property value while saving you invaluable time, money and needless aggravation.

But, not every designer is the same...

Why choose us?

Etege design provides design options that are thorough and inspiring, in accordance to your vision, lifestyle and evolving priorities.

We also draw up clear and concise technical specifications so tradespersons can execute our conceptual thoughts. We even correct errors done by those before us.

We find everything you did not even think you need or knew it existed, from resources not available to the public. Discover wondrous array of samples, right from our library.

We can take care of the complexities and interconnecting details required to do your project right, the first time.

We ensure due diligence of a realistic budget and stewardship of your long term return on investment by involving ourselves in the fabrication of your custom products and supervising on-site.

Our professional touch is evident in the quality of our deliverables and in the respect our clients feel when working with our designers and studio team. Whether your dream is big or small, a genuine individuality and conviction are apparent in the result. Rest assured, like our clients, you will benefit from partnering with etege design.